Limit vs No Limit Texas Hold Em

Use this Limit vs No Limit Texas Hold Em guide to decide which poker game is best for you. The game of Texas Hold’em can be played in various different betting limits. These include fixed limit, pot limit, and no limit games. By far, the most popular of the three are fixed and no limit games.

Even though the basic premise of the game remains the same, the strategies and general approach changes. Depending on the betting structure of the Texas holdem game being played. Play poker at Americas CardRoom Now.

Should you play limit or no limit Texas Hold’em?

That is a question only you can answer. It really comes down to where your playing style, personality and bankroll fit best. Because Limit and No-limit Texas Hold'em are two completely different poker games, you need to figure out which game is most suitable for you to play.

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In Limit Hold’em (LHE) there is a fixed betting structure. For example, in a $1/$2 limit hold’em game, the betting is in increments of $1 preflop and on the flop. Furthermore on the turn the bets double to $2 on both the turn and river streets. Limit, of Fixed Limit Hold em as it is also called, was once the most popular format for hold’em cash games.

Limit vs No Limit Texas Hold Em

This of course is no longer the case. Thanks in large part to the Moneymaker boom, which took place after he took down the 2003 WSOP No Limit Hold’em Main Event. Since then the game of no limit Texas hold em poker has exploded in popularity both online and offline. People love to Play Texas Holdem. This game is very exciting to play as there is no fixed betting structure, meaning players can bet as much as the chips in front of them at any point in the hand.

Although the structure of NLHE allows players to use well timed bluffs by maximizing fold equity, the same doesn’t apply when playing LHE. Big hands like AA or KK will get beat out. Reason being you can not raise high enough to get others to fold. Draws and weaker made hands will be priced in to call. Not just because players will have to only have to call a small bet. There will be more players who are calling after the flop. Giving even better pot odds to make the call.

People that play limit games will stay in to “see what they get” on the flop, turn and river. And guess what? When you have a table of 8 and several of them stay in, even with marginal hands, someone at some point with an inferior hand will end up winning cause they will hit something. It can get very frustrating. Most limit players will call small bets trying to chase the 2 or 4 outs in the deck that are needed to win the pot.

Your Preference

This is why most players prefer playing No Limit Hold'em. The skill and strategy is at an all time high and there is a lot more riding on each decision as you can potentially be playing for your entire stack. You can run over weaker players that are playing fit or fold poker post flop, although it does mean you will encounter aggressive opponents, which you will have to adjust properly against. Overall the game is just a lot more fun to play!

Some beginners prefer playing limit games. That’s okay. It is a technical game grounded in math that gets you thinking about starting hand selection, pot odds, etc. You can call with a number of speculative hands in any position since you will be getting a good price to call, but you have to be very familiar with pot and hand odds. So, hands like suited connectors, and one gap suited connectors can be great starting hole cards, as they can flop really huge hands, and you will always be getting a good price to chase your draws.

For many players, though, nothing replaces the thrill and excitement of no limit games. If you’re a competent holdem player, the potential for making money is better at no limit. The mistakes your opponents will be making are going to be costlier. Hence you profit and earn a bigger win rate.

What I would suggest is playing small buy-in no limit cash games and tournaments online.  To me it’s just a better way to go to build up a solid foundation to work with. In addition to developing your game.

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