The recreational poker player will often play after work, around 7pm say, but, if you’re serious about making money, then maybe you should consider booting up the computer at a slightly different time.

Clearly, it depends on the US online poker site you play at, but, if it’s one frequented by Americans, then maybe you should consider playing before you go to work. It sounds obscene, but this is when US online poker players are at their most vulnerable. Tired, frustrated, on tilt, perhaps even intoxicated. Either way, they’re ripe for the picking, and, as sick poker hounds, we need to take advantage.

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Also, from my experience, I am at my most alert first thing in the morning. Once I’ve splashed some water across my face and knocked back my daily cup of coffee, I’m full of beans and raring to go. At 6pm however, especially if I’ve been out and about, I’m a little jaded. My body is fatigued and my brain is frazzled. Is this the optimum time to play? I think not, especially considering the time of day across the pond.

If you predominantly mix it up with fellow Europeans, then maybe you ought to wait until just before beddie byes before you dip into that lucrative cash game. Catch your fellow Englishman as they’re teetering, throwing away their final pennies, and readjusting the matchsticks in between their eyelids. True, this is late for you too, but you haven’t been playing for the last few hours. They have… so take advantage.

Whilst fatigue may distract your opponents, make sure NOTHING distracts you. Don’t play when…

  • Your favorite TV show is on
  • you know dinner is being prepared
  • you have guests
  • you have the kids (or spouse for that matter) to contend with
  • you have work to do

In fact, you may even wish to take the phone off its receiver, unplug the Tv, or lock yourself in a nice isolated and quiet room. Whatever tickles your fancy, just make sure you do whatever you can to ensure that your time of play is void of all possible distractions. Remember, that one error can cost you your entire stack.

Finally, don’t stop playing US online poker unless you’re playing badly. Too many of us quit when we are ahead because we are scared of losing. If you’re winning, then that probably means you’re playing well… so carry on! Once you become tired, start noticing errors, or simply lose interest in the game, then feel free to slam shut the lappie… but why stop until that scenario occurs?

To conclude, Make sure you think about you time of play very carefully, it can make a bigger difference than you think.